U.S Senator Ted Cruz Wants Crypto Enabled Payments In Capitol Hill admin January 30, 2022

U.S Senator Ted Cruz Wants Crypto Enabled Payments In Capitol Hill

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  • Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to enable crypto payments at restaurants and vending machines on Capitol Hill. 
  • The bill also recommends gift shops accept cryptocurrency from customers. 
  • No particular cryptocurrency has been mentioned in the bill. 
  • Senator Cruz purchased Bitcoin in 2022 and has publicly supported Bitcoin mining. 

Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator from Texas, has introduced a bill in the Senate for vendors in Capitol Hill to accept cryptocurrency payments. In a major push for wider adoption of crypto, the Texas lawmaker filed a concurrent resolution earlier this week cited as the “Adopting Cryptocurrency in Congress as an Exchange of Payment for Transactions Resolution” or the “ACCEPT Resolution”.

Crypto payments at restaurants, gift shops, and vending machines

The proposed bill calls for officials within the House of Representatives and the Senate to work with “persons that will accept digital assets as payment for goods” and food services. This includes the Architect of the Capitol, the Secretary of the Senate, and the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives.

The bill does not need the President’s signature to come into effect. Approval from the Senate and the House of Representatives would do. If approved, the bill would enable crypto payments at restaurants and vending machines within Capitol buildings. It also encourages gift shops in the Capitol area to accept cryptocurrency as payment from customers. As of now, no particular cryptocurrency has been named in the bill. 

I like Bitcoin because the government can’t control it.”

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz has publicly supported Bitcoin and its mining. A financial disclosure from early 2022 shows that he bought between $15,000 and $50,000 worth of BTC. At the time Bitcoin was trading at $36,000. At the Texas Blockchain Summit held in November 2022, the senator publicly supported Bitcoin mining. He presented his home state as the optimal region to facilitate Bitcoin mining with an abundant energy supply and substantial investment. 

Source : Ethereum World News

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