Former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich Urges Bypassing Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling

    Robert Reich, former secretary of labor in the U.S., has called for the government to bypass Congress in order to raise the debt...

    Brazilian Government Preparing New Decree to Clarify Cryptocurrency Rules

    The Brazilian government is preparing to release a decree to fill the blank spaces that the recent approval of the cryptocurrency law has...

    60 Organizations Launch Campaign Urging US Congress to Protect Privacy

    On Wednesday, 60 organizations involved in cryptocurrencies, open-source and free software, and human rights and privacy-preserving projects launched a new campaign calling on...
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    U.S Senator Ted Cruz Wants Crypto Enabled Payments In Capitol Hill

    Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to enable crypto payments at restaurants and vending machines on Capitol Hill. The bill also recommends gift shops...

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