Voyager May Be Selling Its Crypto Through Coinbase admin January 30, 2022

Voyager May Be Selling Its Crypto Through Coinbase

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  • Defunct crypto lender Voyager Digital may be selling its crypto through Coinbase. 
  • On-chain data shows that the crypto lender has received 100 million USDC from Coinbase in the past three days. 
  • The crypto lender has sent more than $86 million worth of crypto assets to Coinbase since 14 February. 

Defunct crypto lender Voyager Digital has received $100 million worth of crypto from American crypto exchange Coinbase, following nearly two weeks of multi-million dollar transactions that saw the crypto lender transfer crypto assets worth over $86 million to Coinbase. These transactions have led to speculation about the possible sale of crypto assets. 

It seems that Voyager is selling assets through Coinbase.”

Lookonchain on Twitter

Voyager received 100 million USDC from Coinbase

Blockchain analytics firm Lookonchain revealed on Twitter earlier today that Voyager Digital had received 100 million USD Coin from Coinbase over the past three days. The USDC from Coinbase overlapped with the bankrupt crypto lender’s multi-million dollar transactions with the United States-based crypto exchange, which involved the transfer of 23 crypto assets worth more than $86 million. 

These included 15,635 ETH worth $25 million, 2.24 trillion SHIB worth $28 million, 3.26 million MANA worth $2.15 million, and 640,000 LINK tokens worth $4.74 million, among several other tokens. Voyager also sent more than 28 million of its native token, VGX. 

According to Lookonchain, the defunct crypto lender currently holds $631 million in assets. This includes 172,223 ETH worth $276 million, 186 million USDC, 6.5 trillion SHIB worth $81 million, and 2.14 million LINK worth $15.8 million. 

The bankrupt crypto lender was in the news earlier this week after federal and state-level regulators in the U.S. objected to a $1.02 billion deal with Binance U.S. for the acquisition of its assets. The objection came barely a day after the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) opposed Voyager’s third amended joint plan for restructuring. 

Source : Ethereum World News

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