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VenusEnergy ICO Red Alert: ICO Promo, ICO terms


Red Flag for VenusEnergy ICO

  • On early ICO stages bonuses are overestimated (PRE ICO, Private ICO)

  • During ICO the marketing was weak

venus ico details


The VenusEnergy ICO project offers a solution – to use electricity from renewable energy sources to mine cryptocurrency. This is especially relevant for server farms that consume a very large amount of energy. VenusEnergy is planning to concentrate its activities in the wind and solar energy sectors.

The VenusEnergy ICO goal is to allocate the collected money for researches of how to increase the efficiency of plants capable of generating electricity from renewable energy sources. For the ICO-raised funds, the RnD projects aimed at optimizing the application of renewable energy sources in daily activities, which is increasing the efficiency of solar collectors and making wind energy more available for everyone, will be drafted.

Source : ICOnow

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