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Top Ten Cryptocurrency List As On 26 November 2017

The cryptocurrency market has seen massive gains this week with Bitcoin (up 15% w-o-w) reaching all-time highs by breaking the $9000 price on Sunday. The overall market capitalization is up by a whopping $50 Billion to its current levels of $285 Billion with a lot of the growth flowing into alt coins. All the top-10 coins are have seen double digit gains except for Neo (down 7% w-o-w) and Iota (down 10% w-o-w).

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash  (up 36% w-o-w)  price wars have continued this week, with both coins gaining price surprisingly. Other major coins in the top 10, like Ethereum  (up 30% w-o-w) , Litecoin (up 22% w-o-w) , Dash  (up 42% w-o-w)  and Monero  (up 23% w-o-w)  have also seen major upwards movement this week. The most curious addition for the top 10 list this week was Bitcoin Gold  (up 150% w-o-w) which has seen a massive pump this week. But it’s not clear at the moment as to who is supporting the BTG coin since it does not seem to have a very active developer or user community.

Overall, it seems that the market has continued its healthy upwards climb that it started last week and this climb may continue well into next year amid $10000 Bitcoin price predictions by veteran wall street investors like Mike Novagratz. And the gains are being enjoyed more evenly by worthy cryptocurrency projects this time and not just a few top dogs, unlike the pre SegWit2x hard fork bull run which only saw Bitcoin grow as alt coins fell. Therefore, it seems like a good time for investors to get involved with the cryptocurrency space for medium to long term positions.

List of Top Ten Cryptocurrency as on November 26, 2017

KryptoMoney.com publishes a list of top ten cryptocurrencies every Sunday. This is our 29th weekly report and the previous one was published on 19 November 2017.

S. No. Name Market Capitalisation* Price

(in US$)


(in circulations)

1 Bitcoin $150,799,866,490 $9,028.54 16,702,575 BTC
2 Ethereum $44,239,940,924 $460.99 95,966,830 ETH
3 Bitcoin Cash $26,941,277,265 $1,601.43 16,823,263 BCH
4 Ripple $9,722,496,546 $0.25 38,622,870,411 XRP
5 Bitcoin Gold $5,825,766,824 $349.41 16,673,011 BTG
6 Dash $4,840,251,029 $627.65 7,711,741 DASH
7 Litecoin $4,669,534,094 $86.47 54,000,408 LTC
8 Monero $2,493,065,638 $161.86 15,402,319 XMR
9 NEO $2,460,633,500 $37.86 65,000,000 NEO
10 IOTA $2,185,052,685 $0.78 2,779,530,283 MIOTA

*Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price with the supply of coins in circuclation.

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