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This Indian Guy Bought The Fastest Scooter Aprlia SR150 Using Bitcoins

CarToq Consulting Editor Buys An Aprilia SR150 Scooter By Paying In Bitcoins

With the record increase in the price of bitcoin, a corollary rise is being seen in the number of avenues for spending the same. There was one guy who had used his bitcoin wallet for bringing how a swanky new Lamborgini Huracan.

According to the latest reports of CarToq, an Indian named Bunny Punia purchased an Aprilia SR150, the fastest scooter vrooming through the Indian roads by encashing his Bitcoins. Bunny is the consulting editor of CarToq and is also the first Indian buyer to bring home this two-wheeled stunner using bitcoins.

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Bunny had summarised the whole situation stating that:

“I write on an online platform called Steemit, where fellow users of the website read my posts and can upvote it. Each upvote gives me Steem money/Steem dollars. I converted these Steem dollars to Bitcoin through a website called Bittrex.com and then transferred the Bitcoin to Indian rupees through an app called Zebpay. I used this money to make the downpayment for an Aprilia SR150, the fastest automatic scooter sold in India currently.  While I’ve paid the rest of the money through my credit card, I plan to convert the amount into EMIs. I’ll once again use my Steemit earnings to pay the EMIs. Effectively, I’ll fund my entire Aprilia SR150 purchase through the hottest cryptocurrency currently, Bitcoin!” 

Ask any youngster and he will definitely take a deep breath before talking about the Aprilia SR150. This beast having a superbly powerful 154cc four stroke motor churns out 11.4Nm of torque and 10.2bhp. The scooter is priced starting from Rs 68,463, ex-showroom in Delhi.

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Source : Kryptomoney

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