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The Future of Cryptocurrency in 2019: 5 Trends to Watch

Cryptocurrency isn’t a new invention, nor is it one whichshows any signs of slowing down in popularity. While it was once seen as a futuristic prediction, the reality iscryptocurrency is happening here and now, and those who haven’t embraced it yet, need to do so – quickly.

It’s such a prevalent trend within the global economy that mainstream, popular brands now readily accept cryptocurrency on their e-commerce stores and even in physical bricks-and-mortar stores. With the popularity of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple set to rise, we explore below the future of cryptocurrency in the new year. 


1. Growing Number of Brands Accepting Cryptocurrency 

There is an incredible number of mainstream, popular retailers who currently accept specific forms of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. For example, you can pay for yourOkCupid registration via Bitcoin, order pizza from PizzaForCoins, and even book hotels and flights on CheapAir. By doing so, these brands increase their appeal and reach to a much wider audience, which is one of the reasons why smaller and less well-known brands are now turning to cryptocurrency. 

Modern consumers need diversity in their payment methods, especially since the number of people who carry cash is decreasingly steadily over the years. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to ensure you can accept all forms of payments. Luckily, to help you out, you can visit this web site where you will find online loans to enable you to equip your store with the necessary technology to accept cryptocurrency.  


2. Improvements in Regulations 

One of the exciting and interesting reasons people choose cryptocurrency over traditional banking systems is the fact it is decentralized. However, in the new year and beyond, it is predicted that the world of cryptocurrency is about to become a lot more regulated. So, what does this mean for everyday users and investors? For one, it might restrict their options. However, on the other hand, stricter control will eliminate a degree of risk people face when opting for one of the forms of cryptocurrency.

In particular, the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission isgoing to be playing an integral role in the future of the cryptocurrency market. This watchdog body is currently investigating illegal offers and scammers in the Initial Coin Offerings marketplace. By doing so, they are creating a clear framework for individuals and companies to work from when they join the cryptocurrency world, especially Initial Coin Offerings. What’s more, the investigation by the SEC could shine a light on how people operate within the digital currency market. 


3. Ripple: The Cryptocurrency to Watch

In 2018, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies saw their value drop by over 80%. It was an incredible shock to investors across the globe and one which saw people turn away from the more mainstream cryptocurrency. Enter Ripple into the marketplace. This particular cryptocurrency business is set to rise in popularity in the new year, with one reason being it’s “low risk, high reward” principle. With its currency XRPcurrently the 3rd most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, Ripple has the potential to overtake the market leaders around the globe.

What makes Ripple so different from Bitcoin, in particular, is its main audience. Ripple targets banks primarily, who hold large amounts of cryptocurrency to transact with each other. However, for the everyday user, Ripple provides a quick and simple way to send money to someone else, no matter where they are across the globe, at an incredibly low price. It’s a direct comparison with how expensive bank transfers can cost.

Further benefits of Ripple include:

 Incredibly fast transaction times: As Ripple’s software is capable of handling 1,500 transactions per second, transactions take on average 4 seconds; traditional banks can take up to 5 days. 
 Incredibly cheap transaction fees: As mentioned above,users can transfer large sums of money for incredibly low prices. 
 Partnered with over 100 mainstream banks: Including American Express and Barclays, this partnership is vital for Ripple’s success. It means they have a global network for payments. 
 Peer-to-peer transactions: This crucial element provides a seamless process.

Ripple is certainly a cryptocurrency to watch in 2019; the scalable ecosystem and power partnerships are undoubtedly a recipe for success. 


4. DApps

The platform you use for cryptocurrency investments and transactions are key to success. In 2019, expect to see a rise of new platforms to overtake the current leaders. What’s more, developers are currently working on DApps. DApps, decentralized apps, feature on the Ethereum network already, through the use of an amusing and entertaining game, CryptoKitties. This game allows users to collect digital pets, which is a fun concept, but what it truly shows is how blockchain technology can move forward in the new year.

Apps are not a new concept for brands to use to increase their market reach. With over 2.5 billion people across the world owning a smartphone, cryptocurrency businesses should utilize this valuable aspect and create their own DApps to intrigue and attract their target audience. 


5. New Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency: Blogging 

Admittedly, blogging is not an innovative trend. However, blogging for the purpose of earning cryptocurrency is.Blogging is a useful way of building a following for a brand or a business, but with the introduction of Crypto Blogging Platforms, users can take it one step further. 

Steemit, in particular, is a platform which allows readers to upvote specific blog posts. This upvoting system enables the writer to earn STEEM. The more likes an article receives, the more the writer will be paid. What makes it an exciting platform is the fact readers can see how much each article has made, and even how much the author in question has earned.It takes the idea of an online cryptocurrency community one step further. 


There’s no denying that cryptocurrency is making its mark on the world of finance. It’s a futuristic way to make transactions and investments which is a reality in the modern world. The above five trends are ones to watch as we move into 2019. By taking note of what you can expect to see in the world of cryptocurrency, you can prepare for every market change.

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