Hacker Drained OG MetaMask Addresses Of $10.4 Million In ETH Since December 2022

    Summary: OG MetaMask addresses have lost over 5000 ETH in assets, NFTs, and tokens since December 2022, MetaMask developer Tay Vano said on Twitter.The...

    Crypto Lender Euler Finance Falls Prey To $197 Million DeFi Flash Loan Attack

    Summary: Euler Finance was drained of DAI tokens, staked Ether, USDC, and wrapped Bitcoin after a flash loan attack.On-chain security firms BlockSec and Peckshield...

    Bitcoin Core Developer Loses $3.6 Million Worth Of Bitcoins To Hack

    Bitcoin core dev Luke Dashjr has lost $3.6 million to a hack The perpetrators managed to gain access to Dashjr’s PGP key. Binance is monitoring the...

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