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Stellerro ICO review and rating

stellerro ico
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Stellerro secures capital and financing through binding legal architecture. Stellerro ICO rating – not rated.

ICO Stellerro Visit Stellerro ICO site

PRE ICO Dates : 02/06/19 – 16/06/19
Upcoming ICO : 17/06/19 – 17/08/19

ICO rating

About Stellerro ICO (token sale)

Stellerro ICO is an Israel based alternative investment banking platform. We tokenize fully compliant assets and provide technology, issuance, marketing as well as underwriting and investor distribution for our clients entering the blockchain market.

Stellerro ICO acts as a bridge between traditional capital markets and the innovative world of digital securities based on Blockchain technologies. We have collaborated with top global financial institutions and investment funds as dedicated partners to enhance the integration of both ecosystems.


  • Stellerro ICO tokenizes illiquid assets into fractional holdings using Blockchain technology.
  • Stellerro ICO secures capital from private investors in accordance with EU, US & Asian regulations.
  • Stellerro ICO uses smart contracts to issue innovative asset-backed digital securities.


After assessing the current state of traditional capital markets we concluded that these markets are ultimately irrelevant for start-ups, small businesses and even entrepreneurs with diversity of assets. It is estimated that by 2022 at least 15% of all traditional financial instruments will be backed by digital securities. We decided to enter the arena early and become one of the big hitters by assisting clients to create successful Security Token Offerings (STO) for the last couple of years. With more than 10 projects up and running on various stages of STO, we have gained the knowledge and mastered all aspects of the ecosystem. We believe that a successful STO of our own will be the perfect showcase of the huge potential of STOs.

In a three tier structure, Stellero ICO/STO aims to dominate the alternative investments market by bringing liquidity to the digital era in a bottom up approach. We will begin by introducing the STO structure to small and medium sized businesses such as real estate, start-ups and innovative tech in order to execute a full fundraising round for fractional holdings and revenue-share.

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