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Social Trading Platform eToro Adds EOS To Cryptocurrency Roster, Offering Great Opportunity For Traders


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eToro, the world’s leading social trading platform, recently added EOS to its roster of 11 cryptocurrencies, marking an opportunity for traders looking to optimize their performance.

EOS, after all, aims to be THE decentralized app platform moving the world closer to mass blockchain adoption. Zero user fees, over $1 billion in financing, and a track record of previous blockchain project success from lead architect Dan Larimer could give EOS the edge to become the “Ethereum Killer.”

Cryptocurrency hedge fund Multicoin Capital recently released a detailed analysis and valuation of EOS, concluding that the token will likely see “significant upward price action” throughout the medium term.

“We believe that the EOS token model lends itself particularly well to value capture,” Multicoin wrote in its report. “We expect to see very significant upward price action in the near to medium term. At current valuations, we continue to be bullish on EOS.”

In addition, EOS’s mainnet launch, which is currently scheduled for June 1, is rapidly approaching, so anticipation for this event could increase buy pressure over the short-term.

The use of the popular and powerful C++ coding makes dApp development and deployment easier. Add to this the use of a “delegated proof of stake” verification system, and EOS may deliver transaction speeds and scalability beyond any competing blockchain’s capability.

According to one technical analysis, EOS price will reach $22 in 2019 and $9 by 2023. Five years down the road, it is forecast to hit around $143, according to Smartereum.com.

Trading EOS on eToro makes sense for several reasons.

Advantages For Investors

Cryptocurrencies in general offer advantages for investors that make them an attractive alternative to traditional vehicles such as stocks and commodities. These digital currencies are based on blockchain technology and offer fraud prevention and accessibility to people around the world.

Due to their emerging popularity, cryptocurrencies have seen remarkable growth in value as the blockchain ecosystem develops and becomes more mainstream. Bitcoin and Ether, two of the most popular cryptocurrencies, have emerged as two of the most exciting investment opportunities today.

Easy To Start Trading

eToro provides investors who are interested in cryptocurrencies with a number of benefits. For one, eToro gives traders an easy path which doesn’t require installation of specific software or wallets – everything can be done from eToro’s online platform.

Social Trading

eToro is also a pioneer in the field of social trading, allowing users to follow and copy the trades of more experienced and proven investors. In addition, with the newly released CopyFunds, users can invest in balanced portfolios created by eToro’s investment committee. Social features are critically important when it comes to cryptocurrencies, where the experience of other traders is invaluable in navigating this brand new and rapidly changing market.

eToro Versus The Alternatives

eToro also offers a number of advantages in comparison to alternative platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. Specifically, eToro provides:

  • Instant execution of trades, eliminating the delay of other platforms and allowing users to lock in a price.
  • Unlimited daily withdrawal amounts, giving you complete control of your funds.
  • A proven track record that you can trust and a secured account so you can trade with confidence.

eToro has developed proven fintech technologies that empower traders with innovative tools that can help them optimize their trading performance. The platform gives them direct access to executable rates from the market, and stock and futures exchanges, allowing them to trade with capital flexibility.

eToro trading tools also give traders and investors useful information, which can help them to become more financially educated.

The eToro platform harnesses the wisdom of the crowds, alongside cutting-edge technologies and an intuitive interface, to enable anyone, anywhere, to break the barriers of traditional finance to become successful investors.

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Source : CryptoCoinNews

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