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ICO, initial coin offering

Skycoin partners with Binance


Exactly one month after getting listed on the Binance, Skycoin has announced the start of a strategic cooperation agreement with the cryptocurrency exchange

Skycoin will support BNB in a number of ways:

1. The Skycoin software wallet (desktop and mobile versions) and hardware wallet will support the storage and circulation of BNB. Users can conduct direct transactions between the Skycoin family of coins and BNB in the wallets.

2. BNB will become one of the circulated currencies in the Skywire network. As seen here, Skywire is Skycoin’s decentralized internet which aims at building a faster, cheaper and more convenient incentive network to provide higher quality services than the current Internet. It is a peer-to-peer distributed encrypted mesh network, which means it protects privacy, security and independence. More importantly, Skywire strives to build the Internet for the future and bring equality to it. Skywire testnet has just been released to the public.

3. A game developed on Skycoin’s Fiber blockchain platform called KittyCash (http://www.kittycash.com/home) will accept BNB as a form of payment. Within KittyCash you can own unique kitties and complete game transactions on the Skycoin blockchain.

4. Samos (www.samos.io), one of the ecological projects on Skycoin, will adopt BNB as payment system. Samos utilizes CXO, a storage technology developed by Skycoin. Samos aims to build an AI-driven network to provide a cross-platform and cross-ecosystem foundational service. BNB users can directly purchase and enjoy private encrypted storage services through Samos’s Pay Gateway.

5. BNB payment and circulation will be adopted in all future applications developed within Skycoin to strengthen our ongoing partnership.

Skycoin is a project established over the past 7 years, founded by one of the early bitcoin contributors, and is based on the latest blockchain technology. It is not simply a coin but a complete ecosystem including Skywire, a decentralized mesh network, built upon Fiber, Skycoin’s own blockchain, CXO storage system, and the Skyminer, a hardware product powering the network.

Source : ICOnow

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