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SCAM Alert for Binax ICO: Fake team, No WhitePaper


SCAM Alert for Binax ICO

  • Fake team. Photos of team members are taken from photo banks or from other sources by changing person names.

  • There are no social accounts of team members

  • There is no WhitePaper documents.

Scam Aler ICO : https://ico.binax.io/ (archive ICO)

Binax ICO is a global decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform offers outstanding advantages for traders with its high liquidity and convenient transaction functions. There is digital wallet and best leading security practices. Our  ICO platform is better, faster, stronger because the market needs a crypto exchange which will not fail investors.

Binax ICO Team photos and team names have been changed several times. Some photos were from photo stock.



For example

FAKE NAME: Nick Evdokimov – FOUNDER
REAL NAME: Dennis Gerson

SCAM Alert for Binax ICO: Fake team, No WhitePaper

Thanks for ICOethics 

Source : ICOnow

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