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RED FLAG for Lemogram ICO


RED FLAG for Lemogram ICO

  • There are no posts in Twitter for the last last 3 days (for ICO period)

  • There are no ICO team

  • During ICO the marketing was weak

Lemogram ICO site


Lemogram ICO developing a blockchain-based system to enable users to connect temporarily, without commitments, by creating a Smart Contact. We are bringing out a new option to deactivate or prolongate user´s smart contact or upgrade to a normal chat, while providing protection from stalking.
Our vision is to develop useful tools that people use daily, but with strong orientation to strengthen protection of their privacy.

We want to bring the world a new communication media, with exclusive gadgets to especial user´s daily digital communications, such as personalized keyboard with their own hand script and wide variety of unique filters for video calls to increase levels of fun of our community.

Just as importantly, our goal is to become a company that uses only renewable energy sources and hold the sign “green”.

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