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PR: Bitcoin.com Announces Mining Partnership With Bit Mining

Bitcoin.com and Bit Mining are excited to announce a business partnership focusing on BCH and BTC mining.

A New Beginning

This joint endeavor is between Bitcoin.com, a company dedicated to spreading BCH and BTC adoption, and Bit Mining, a blockchain ecosystem builder with large mining farms spread across the globe. As an official Bitcoin.com partner, Bit Mining will redirect its own hashpower to Bitcoin.com’s mining pool to help spread the adoption of cyptocurrencies.

“Mining,” is the task of processing huge amounts of transaction data to update and secure the public ledger, known as the blockchain. The only physical aspect of this process are the mining farms that are equipped with specialized mining hardware.

About Bit Mining Co., Ltd

Bit Mining Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Bit Mining Group. It was incorporated to offer rental services for mining rigs in Japan. Japan has many strict legal requirements to incorporate a company, so cross-industry customers can be confident our services meet international standards. Customers who use our services also enjoy excellent tax benefits, this is especially true for middle and small-sized enterprises.

About Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com is the premier source for everything Bitcoin related. Bitcoin.com can help the public buy bitcoin or choose a bitcoin wallet. Visitors can also read the latest news or engage with the community on the Bitcoin Forum. Bitcoin.com also has a mining pool, game portal site, and many other services.

Bit Mining Corporate Information

Company name: Bit Mining Co.,Ltd

Address in Japan: 4-3-1 Shiroyama Trust Tower, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Headquarters: No. 1, Floor 3, Building 1, No. 366, Tianfu Boulevard North Section, Tianfu District, Pilot Free Trade Zone China (Sichuan)

Japanese representative : General manager: Ryo Nagaoka

Business: Bit Mining develops Blockchain related technologies, like mining farms and pool operating systems. They are also involved in mining farm operations, mining machine sales and mining machine management.

Official website: http://www.bm.land
Contact us: [email protected]

About Bitcoin.com

Company name: Saint Bitts LLC

Representative: President and CEO Roger Ver

Business: Bitcoin.com is supercharged to change the world with Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Our suite of developer tools has been downloaded 36,000+ times from over 100 countries. Our team is the heart and soul of the Bitcoin Cash industry. We’re committed to making BCH available to all people, whatever their age, gender, nationality or financial status.

For more information visit: https://www.bitcoin.com/

Official website: https://www.bitcoin.com/

For Inquiries

Bit Mining Co., Ltd

Person in charge: Business Planning Department – Yusuke Arima

Email address: [email protected]

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ASIC, BCH, Bit Mining, bitcoin cash, Bitcoin.com, BTC, Japan, middle, mining machine, partnership, pool, Ryo Nagaoka, small-sized enterprises, tax benefits, Yusuke Arima
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