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Now or Never! Join the Game with Exclusive Terms

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‘What day is it?’, asked Winnie the Pooh

‘It’s today’, squeaked Piglet

‘My favorite day!’ said Pooh

Today, is the ideal time to start your life anew, in a brand new magical world. It is still not too late…

With fewer days remaining until the end of the second phase of the presale of the fantasy blockchain-project UnicornGO, there is still time to be a part the new era of high-end technologies, with favourable terms.

Tired of a grey reality? Do you still believe in fairytales? You are right, for wonders are calling! Welcome to the marvelous universe of UnicornGO, where candy fall from the skies, and the horizon is colored with the rainbow. Where a fabled sweet creature is waiting for you, an eighth wonder of the tech industry. A lovable creature from its nose and to its tail, your own pet unicorn, that craves your love and care!

The developers created a vivid and fascinating planet, where this creature can live happily and fruitfully. Whereas you, play a role of a kind caretaker, who day in and day outlooks after the technological pet. That is truly fascinating! Growing a unicorn, creating new breeds, buying them treats with the built-in currency CandyCoin and even take your pets out for a walk into the real world. Advanced genetics and in-game economy make the game a truly unique world without borders.

The first release of the game will be based on Ethereum and later transferred to a dedicated Universa platform. Two unique technologies will be integrated. The first, is the augmented reality platform IZX, which will allow unicorns to be placed at any geolocation point, enabling the pet to collect bonuses from its surroundings. The second, NeuroBasis, will make it possible to control the pet with your mind. That is true magic!

But the main thing is that the unicorns are valuable totemic animals, helping their owners to earn good profit. By collecting rare specimens and unique characters, and leveling your pets you can become a breeder of live ‘gold’.

People who play games now can also earn with their hobby. The UnicornGO blockchain project invites you to start earning by playing. The game release date is on 28th February 2018. This day will be a turning point, when you will start your journey in this new extraordinary world. This is no place for skeptics! We believe in dreamers, who together with their unicorns will change the world. Let the game begin!


Source : CryptoCoinNews

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