No More Monkey Drainer: Crypto Scammer Announces Retirement admin January 30, 2022

No More Monkey Drainer: Crypto Scammer Announces Retirement

Notorious crypto scammer, Monkey Drainer, has announced that they are shutting down after a possible exposure during an online quarrel. 

Monkey Drainer Shuts Down

The crypto scammer infamous for his crypto wallet draining kit has announced that they will be moving on to “something better.” They wrote, 

“Monkey drainer will be shutting down immediately, it has been a ‘experience’ serving other cybercriminals in the past year however it is time to move on to something better than ever before.”

The individual(s) goes by the pseudonym Monkey Drainer and has been notorious for some of the most high-profile and high-value cyber thefts on the Web3. On March 1, they addressed the community via their Telegram channel, revealing that they would be shutting down immediately for good, without any scope of return, and that all files, services, and devices related to their draining kit would be destroyed. 

Has The Monkey Drainer Been Unveiled? 

Many are speculating that the scam is being retired after a recent event that seems to have unveiled the anonymous cybercriminal. Around a month ago, blockchain security firm CertiK revealed that it had uncovered the real-life identity of at least one of the scammers allegedly linked to the “Monkey Drainer” phishing scheme. 

In a blog release dated January 27, 2023, the CertiK team claimed that it had found on-chain messages between two scammers behind the recent Porsche NFT phishing scam that resulted in losses of $4.3 million. This conversation revealed that one person going by the name “Kai” had stolen funds and had not sent over a percentage of the stolen funds to another, called “Zentoh.” 

The CertiK analytics team disclosed that they were able to trace one of these scammers to a Telegram account that was involved in selling a phishing kit similar to Monkey Drainer. 

Advertising For Competitor

The Monkey Drainer scam exploits smart contracts to steal NFTs through a process called “ice phishing.” It is yet unknown if there was a single individual behind this particular scam or a group. The scammer’s announcement also encouraged other cybercriminals to turn to their competitor for similar services. 

They wrote, 

“Operating large-scale cybercrime is something only those with the highest level of dedication should consider and I maintain the belief that all young cyber criminals should not lose themselves in the pursuit of easy money. I recommend you to use our competition, Venom Drainer, their service has been just as flawless the past months and provides an equal service…May all fellow cyber-gangsters be victorious. Only you control the future.”

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Source : Crypto Daily

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