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New trading pairs on BiteBTC, Bittrex, Binance and KuCoin


Bellcoin listed on BiteBTC (ETH and BTC trading pairs)

Bellcoin is a safe and revolutionary crypto currency and is resistant to ASIC and GPU mining. It adopts a new algorithm “YesPoWer”, and adopts “LWMA” as a difficulty algorithm. It inherits technology based on Bitcoin, and has the most up-to-date features such as SegWit. Because the block time is as fast as 60 seconds, it works with speedy transactions.

Bittrex market update


PMA – PumaPay token. PumaPay Develops An Advanced Billing Infrastructure For Merchants, Allowing Them To Design Flexible Payment Scenarios Over The Blockchain.


NPXS – Pundi X token. Pundi X  want to make using cryptocurrency as easy as getting bottled water. At Pundi X, we seek to bring cryptocurrency to the next billion users and will help increase the value of cryptocurrency for all.

Binance will open trading for REN/BTC and REN/BNB

Republic Protocol (“Republic” or the “Project”) is a decentralized dark pool protocol for trading large volumes of digital assets. https://republicprotocol.com

Republic Protocol utilizes secure multi-party computation (“sMPC”) to match orders without exposing the price or volumes of the orders. The Project aims to have its dark pool exchanges support large volume trades, with minimal price slippage and market impact while adhering to the rules of the dark pool.


KuCoin are delighted to inform you that the rename of nUSD (NUSD) into sUSD (SUSD) is complete, and the deposit, withdrawal and trading services for SUSD are now available.

Source : ICOnow

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