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STEIN COIN is a new ecological blockchain generation replacing tradicional payments with an exceptional way to consume, deliver and share your money, low fees and connected from your mobile, commited with environment, with instant and anonymous transactions.

Of course, STEIN COIN is a decentralized coin; there is no a bank neither government that controls. The application orders member smart solution to tender finance, with features like actual-time announcements, savings, financial IQ and mobile tap to pay perfomance.

Thanks to the divisible chains, we get an optimization of resources between nodes thanks to severability chains.

INFLEUM is a blockchain platform created by ELSOLCOMPANY that aims to create a transparent trading structure in which an individual’s small ideas or actions may translate into profit.

ELSOLCOM is a brand publishing company and has the experience and collected intelligence needed to provide solutions to various problems that small ideas encounter to become active businesses. In the past, initial capital was hard to earn without asking acquaintances or by selling prototypes even with an attractive business idea or item. However, it is now possible to introduce ideas online and get investors from multiple third parties through formats like crowdfunding.

The LINKCHAIN team is solving Risk/Efficiency/Cost (REC) problem by allowing Buyers and Suppliers to come together on our hybrid blockchain-based platform to conduct business in a manner that is safe for both parties. Our goal is to build a platform that focuses and caters to the needs of both Buyers and Suppliers. The value for Buyers is allowing them to easily filter, search, screen and identify high quality candidates at a price within their budget. For Suppliers, the value is in the ability to easily search and identify high quality projects and generate consistent sustainable revenue without paying the high fees and associated costs of using other platforms.

Source : ICOnow

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