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New ICO: SocialRemit ICO, Mycro ICO (MYO token), Securypto ICO

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SocialRemit ICO review

SocialRemit ICO is a new platform designed to provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools.

Based on blockchain we aim to impact society in a positive way, through the associative economy that aims to build decentralized autonomous platforms.

Mycro ICO (MYO token)

With Mycro ICO we will create an innovative solution for people with time and money problems and tokenize the imbalance between time and money. The Mycro ICO Token (MYO) will play an essential role in the decentralized peer-to-peer network „Mycro“. The technological basis for this is the Ethereum blockchain.

Securypto ICO review

Securypto ICO is an Zerocoin, Masternode based blockchain project focused on anonymous storage & transfering of encrypted data. A market agitation technology by:

  • Monetizing anonymous content distribution, creating a new emerging market.
  • Transfer or store truly untraceable encrypted messages & files across the internet.
  • Linked to an open source hardware wallet for an extra security layer.
  • All Achieved by a combination of specially designed Hardware, Software & Blockchain.

Source : ICOnow

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