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New ICO rating: Swinca ICO, Satoshi mobile wallet, 433 Token, GG World Lottery

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Swinca ICO is a platform offering the opportunity to instantly invest in real estate. Allowing anyone to become a multi-properties owner.

By tokenizing real estate assets located worldwide, Swinca ICO allows anyone to create and manage their own portfolios by investing in the properties desired. Investors receive their monthly income rent, and capital gain instantly.

The Satoshi mobile wallet ICO provides an easy to use interface. It allows the user to send and receive crypto without wallet addresses for specific coins and tokens. With the Satoshi mobile wallet, merchants, fundraisers, charity work and content creators can accept crypto payments and donations by merely providing their email or phone number. There will no longer be a need to specify which cryptos you are ready to allow since you will have access to all wallets with the click of a button.

Through 433 Token ICO Ecosystem, we are determined to bring blockchain technology to soccer, making the sports more transparent and efficient, at the same time empowering soccer fans with capabilities they can only dream of before. In doing this for 3 billion people, we have faith that 433 Tokens ICO will, in return, promote blockchain technology and its acceptance all over the world.

GG World Lottery ICO has a real plan to conquer the lottery world around the globe – the first blockchain-based lottery to provide a seamless bridge between the old-school lottery world and state-of-the-art cryptotechnology.

First and foremost, we are industry professionals. We do not come to the market empty-handed, and already have working products. We are responsible for creating the best and most unique product in its category – white label lottery software that provides a ticket-purchase courier service for the most popular lotteries in the world.

Source : ICOnow

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