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New ICO rating: moolyacoin, Electrominer ICO, Kaiser ICO

ico rating

moolyacoin ICO rating: 67/100

moolya ICO the ONLY LIVE digital startup ecosystem in the world complete with all 6 communities and their digital avatars and the works.

Digital platform to converge, collaborate, transact, trade and service wide variety of startup functions

Business: 14/20
Product readiness: 2/5
White Paper: 7/10
Roadmap: 7/10
Legal: 2/5
Team: 16/20
ICO terms: 2/5
Token applying: 2/5
ICO Promotion: 15/20

Electrominer ICO rating: 64/100

Solar Powered Blockchain Mining Ecosystem

Electrominer is currently developing a groundbreaking, cutting-edge cryptocurrency cloud mining platform fueled by portable, solar-powered blockchain datacenter units in Southern California.

Business: 13/20
Product readiness: 2/5
White Paper: 8/10
Roadmap: 6/10
Legal: 2/5
Team: 15/20
ICO terms: 3/5
Token applying: 3/5
ICO Promotion: 12/20

Kaiser ICO rating: 70/100

Blockchain & hardware security technology

Kaiser ICO Security System lessens the damage for investors being affected from big security incidents and the dangers of exchange hack.

Business: 16/20
Product readiness: 1/5
White Paper: 8/10
Roadmap: 8/10
Legal: 2/5
Team: 17/20
ICO terms: 2/5
Token applying: 3/5
ICO Promotion: 13/20

Source : ICOnow

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