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New ICO rating: ChainZilla ICO, Inflr ICO, SocialRemit ICO

ico rating

ChainZilla ICO rating: 72/100

ChainZilla provides the most efficient and flexible end-to-end blockchain solutions.

Business: 15/20
Product readiness: 4/5
White Paper: 5/10
Roadmap: 8/10
Legal: 2/5
Team: 15/20
ICO terms: 3/5
Token applying: 4/5
ICO Promotion: 16/20

Inflr ICO rating: 77/100

The first blockchain-based platform that connects advertisers to influencers with the Proof-of-Influence algorithm

Business: 14/20
Product readiness: 3/5
White Paper: 10/10
Roadmap: 9/10
Legal: 2/5
Team: 17/20
ICO terms: 3/5
Token applying: 4/5
ICO Promotion: 15/20

SocialRemit ICO rating: 65/100

Blockchain Platform for Financial and Technological Tools to emerging Projects

Business: 14/20
Product readiness: 2/5
White Paper: 5/10
Roadmap: 6/10
Legal: 3/5
Team: 14/20
ICO terms: 4/5
Token applying: 3/5
ICO Promotion: 14/20

Source : ICOnow

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