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New ICO listing: Taxo Coin ICO, NEXXO ICO, NotaryChain ICO review

new ico listing

New ICO listing

At Taxo Coin ICO listing project we are ahead of the crowd, integrating crypto payments and trading derivatives in crypto currencies on our platform. Our early experience in digital assets has enabled our management and teams to gain enough experience. We are now ready to make our platform match present demands of the market and be ahead of future demands as then market inevitably grows.

NEXXO ICO is building the NEXT generation, blockchain-powered, financial services platform for small businesses. There are more than 260 million small businesses world-wide that are under-serviced1, and the NEXXO solution is designed from the ground up to address such an unfulfilled need. NEXXO ICO partners with local banks and with local central bank regulators to build a global platform that betters the lives of small business owners and operators, their families, their communities, and their surrounding ecosystem.

NotaryChain ICO starts with the pain point where the current certificate is issued and validated, using the online transaction of block chain to reduce the time and manpower cost of the traditional certification mechanism, and to ensure the authenticity of the certificate by using the tamper-proof of the block chain information, and to provide the targeted extension service for the users by using the Intelligent contract technology in the block chain.

From the market, NotaryChain ICO is the forerunner of the Intelligent electronic Certificate platform, from the technical point of view, NotaryChain ICO integrates the intelligent contract, digital assets, distributed database, and centralized consensus mechanism and encryption technology. From the operation, NotaryChain ICO has a clear application scenario and business model. This white paper details the background, basic concepts, technology implementations, and application scenarios generated by “NotaryChain”.

Source : ICOnow

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