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New ICO listed: MenaPay ICO, Kinesis ICO, PROOF OF TOSS ICO

new ico listing

MenaPay ICO has been designed to comply with Islamic finance requirements. The MenaPay ICO Platform does not use or give interest, and proves this via witnesses thanks to the blockchain technology. The MenaPay ICO Platform shares the revenue of the platform with the MenaPay ICO Token Holders in accordance with Islamic finance approach. As a result of this structure, MenaPay ICO is expected to help the digital transformation of the region.

The vision for Kinesis ICO is to deliver an evolutionary step beyond any monetary system available in the world today. A system that through participation, enhances money as both a store of value and as a medium of exchange, for the bene t of all. Much the same as our sun unconditionally delivers an indiscriminate share of energy to planet Earth that stimulates life, we see Kinesis as a comparative energy system to stimulate the movement of money, assets, commerce, and economic activity in a fair, honest, and rewarding process.

Powered by the blockchain, PROOF OF TOSS ICO is an ecosystem for betting serving both as a peer to peer platform and an open source solution for professional bookmakers, sportsbook providers, and operators.

PROOF OF TOSS ICO is aimed at improving the experience for all market “players” by solving the following problems:

  • Fraudulent activities and lack of trust
  • Long verification processes
  • Reliance on centralized systems
  • Lack of control over personal funds

Source : ICOnow

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