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New ICO list: VANM ICO, Lition ICO (Lition TGE), ephelants360 ICO

new ico listing

VANM ICO review

VANM ICO is a local search engine for products and services that matches supply and demand for local advertisements with nearby users in real time. Blockchain technology is used to distribute advertising revenue among users.

Lition ICO (Lition TGE)

Lition ICO is well positioned to design a blockchain infrastructure for business use, as it launched the world’s first P2P energy trading dApp that is commercially live in a mass market with real revenues and real customers in over 25 cities. Next to this already-existing P2P trading dApp, there is a second use case in which Lition ICO, together with a major Bank and a real estate company, has developed an MVP to syndicate loans, and later tokenize the loan as a Security Token (STO). Beyond this, there are many more use cases with potential to disrupt not only the Energy and Banking space, but many more.

ephelants360 ICO (XEP token)

ephelants360 ICO is an all-in-one solution to improve on each existing film & tv production system, making the entire content production process more streamlined, efficient & cost effective. This enables projects to be realized faster and be more profitable, maximizing the value chain for all participants in the eco-system.

Source : ICOnow

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