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New ICO: Lionstarter ICO, Woonk ICO, Azbit ICO

new ico listing

We at Lionstarter are convinced that the freedom and incredible potential of blockchain based applications will create new opportunities that the world has never seen before.

For Users

The User get all services like the Bodyscan with 250 parameters for free. The user will have the right to purchase discounted products from the shop partner and gets special goodies. The User will also get payed from Lionstarter for scanning and purchasing products with the LST Token.

For Shop Partners

he Shop Partners buys and integrates the Goodyscan system into their shops. Lionstarter will send new customers into the partner shops trough the Goodyscan online portal. The partners pays Lionstarter for every conveyed customer and purchase a commission payable with the LST Token

The Woonk “WNK” is a Token ERC20 of direct connection between brands, content creators, advertisers and their audience at an international level. Without intermediaries.
It was born from the idea of eliminating intermediaries in the traditional chain of public communication between advertisers and their audience. In this way advertisers reduce their advertising costs drastically and people receive credits as a change in the content of the advertisers, thus generating positive reinforcements in the companies. Advertisers connect directly with their audience using blockchain technology and Smart Contracts to directly distribute their advertising budget among people who will see or interact with their content.

Azbit will provide traditional financial services for crypto projects and private users, as well as access to investment products.

We will offer:

  • For blockchain businesses and private individuals: traditional at banking and financial services, as well as brokerage services providing access to trading on traditional stock and currency markets
  • For traders and investors: access via a single platform to the most popular cryptocurrency investment tools, such as trade copying, social trading and portfolio management
  • For every crypto user: access to online trading in cryptocurrencies, as well as utility and security tokens.

Source : ICOnow

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