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ICO, initial coin offering


new ico listing

Bitacium ICO is a global decentralized currency for cross border transaction, payment processing and settlements with an A.i. exchange system that packs a reward. XBCU acts as the broker currency that can be exchanged for Cash, other digital currencies and to acquire or sell Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium instantly with merchants and dealers of precious metals. Our app interface gives users the ability to access, purchase, sell or store these currencies and precious metals from any location and rewards the users for their transactions.

The AIRSTAYZ ICO landscape is growing beyond niche startups with risky dreams. Established businesses are transforming the future of their industry with ledger technology.

AIRSTAYZ is an existing platform pioneering the blockchain travel sector with the release of STAY, an ERC223 token. Imagine a platform where you can search any hotel, check in or out, and open your room without visiting the front desk. Imagine AIRSTAYZ, a platform powered by the new STAY token. AIRSTAYZ and the STAY token are brought to market by business and industry leaders, including the creator of OpenTable.

The BITCUB ICO team are delivering financial instruments including decentralised apps (DAPPS) and a finance platform for managing, communicating, generating, sending and receiving credit and funds.

LIGER seeks to build a utility of choice for the Offline and Online Casinos, Online Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting using the Blockchain technology.

Source : ICOnow

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