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New ICO: Alpha-X ICO, CitiCash ICO, Farm2Kitchen ICO

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Alpha-X is an entirely new generation cryptocurrency based on X13 algorithm having complete Proof Of Stake (POS) network. The transactions made over Alpha- X blockchain network are instant, anonymous, private, and very secure. Our motive is to make it as good as virtual cash (plastic cards) which can provide real time liquidity and utility proposition in the market.

AlphaX agenda is to change the entire face of utility tokens, by utilising blockchain technology to overcome the historical shortcomings of traditional system. When this technology will be combined with an intuitive user friendly interface & gamification, a new level of trust and enthusiasm will be created amongst the community to build new confidence and excitement for a new era utility ecosystem.

CitiCash ICO is one of the world’s first cryptocurrencies that will enable the general public to enter the world of modern digital money with ease. The awareness and also the actual use of cryptocurrencies and even is on the rise. People’s willingness to join the cryptocurrency movement faces resistance as the technology is not viewed as user-friendly and the terminology can appear to be overcomplicated. These are the reasons why we created CitiCash. This cryptocurrency can be used without any prior technical knowledge.

CitiCash is not only easy to use but will also be available for payments both within and outside the crypto world. Payments in restaurants, retail stores, online retailers or other vendors, can be transcacted via debit card. Each debit card is connected to a particular wallet. Anyone with CitiCash coins in their wallet will be eligible to request a debit card.

Farm2Kitchen’s mission is to provide the consumer with highest quality of fresh produce which is responsibly grown and delivered guaranteed fresh. This platform has the goal of creating an ecosystem that brings various Food Supply Chain parties like the food growers or producers, packagers, distributors, processors, dealers, grocers, restaurants, end consumers, financial institutions and other participants under a decentralized platform powered by Blockchain technology and Smart contracts to add the necessary trust and security to the value chain. Our efforts are to ensure that our products and services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Source : ICOnow

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