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New ICO: Airgead Coin, Pantercon ICO, ZUUM ICO

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Airgead Coin want to Decentralize Currency away from governmental and banking institutions, by creating a Cryptocurrency with it’s value based on real assets – Precious Metals.

Airgead Coin team creating a worldwide, debt free currency backed entirely by physical Precious Metals. Our goal is for your to have the ability to use every Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bars/coins produced as a basis for a worldwide currency, more valuable than any other cryptocurrency!

Pantercon is committed to supporting start-ups with innovative, future-oriented ideas as they are founded. The presentation of their idea, from which they in- tend to originate the start-up, is done by means of a white paper. As long as their idea is accepted, they present a promising cash ow forecast and Pantercon is convinced of a promising future perspective, they receive the necessary seed capital. Without company entry and bureaucratic hurdles.

Due to the evaluation program, as well as the granted funding, start-ups will be published on the Pantercon website, which will be considered as a free promotion.

The HXP amount made available is contractually re- paid from the time a sale is generated, individualized to sales by the start-up. In addition, a small percentage of the turnover is due, which will give further start- ups the chance of support and investors dividends.

ZUUM ICO is the first decentralized on-demand services platform that allows consumers and service providers to interact directly without intermediary and ensures fair price per service deal based on a smart contract.

ZUUM is a one-stop platform for a variety of on-demand services including ridesharing, taxi, road- side assistance, auto services, cleaning, household, etc. ZUUM mobile app lets consumers needing on-demand services, to summon self-employed individuals to their location.

Self-employed individuals don’t get paid their desired rate and are not paid instantly with other leading platforms (Uber, Handy, etc.). Paying high commissions to currently available on-demand platforms reduces their income. Most self-employed individuals don’t work at optimal capacity. For consumers, finding a qualified service provider on-demand and to summon to their location is a time-consuming process. Consumers don’t have the convenience of a unified mobile app for requesting variety of on-demand services. Consumers without credit cards are not able to participate in the on-demand economy and get the cost benefits.

Source : ICOnow

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