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monart ICO review and rating

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Monart, an innovative platform for artists, art lovers, creators and investors. Monart ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 15/05/19 – 17/06/19
Upcoming ICO : 17/06/19 – 15/07/19

ICO rating

About Monart ICO (token sale)

monart ICO is disrupting the current $63 billion a year art market with an innovative art experience, new business models and a uniquely profitable Security Token based STO.

Innovative Art Experience
monart ICO transforms the art experience both online and offline to provide new ways to discover artists’ universes & artworks both physical and online, real and AR, 3D & VR… monart  empowers the art community to actively participate.

New Business Models
monart ICO creates new business models, allowing purchase and trading of artworks or collection of artworks shares. This opens up liquidity options for artwork collectors.

Security Token Profitable STO
Half of the STO proceeds is invested in a large art collection whose gross profits are 100% paid to token holders. A 10% share of the large monart ICO marketplace transactions gross profits is also paid to token holders.

In addition, token holders benefit from many privileges including private sales, discount sales, exclusive art collection creation, VIP events invitations and many other perks.

Very high potential
monart ICO is disrupting the current 63 billion $ a year art market and opening this market to the wider public, aiming to achieve 1.6% market share after year 5!

International from Day 1
Already based in Paris, Beijing, NY and Malta, monart’s ICO team is deployed on the 3 major art continents. monart ICO runs a Beijing 2.200 m2 art center in the largest Asian art district called 798.
Already started with a comprehensive team
The team already includes 20 people plus 22 international advisors and major partners (crypto, art, media)
– The team currently develops the platform MVP whose initial version will be launched shortly with an auction and other innovative experiences before the public STO
– The monart Art Collection is started. Expert board includes Christie’s former contemporary art head
– The monart ICO Art Accelerator Initiative has begun with different creative art & tech artists

monart ICO ecosystem benefits all participants

Art lovers enjoy, promote artworks and receive special deals to buy, sell, exchange, rent, and invest in art fund shares.

Artists have their artworks widely promoted during large international events and online, and participate in community marketplaces where their artwork is purchased by monart funds.

Art dealers participate and sell their artist’s artworks offline and online with special promotion.

Investors benefit from early purchase opportunities, both from artworks and art funds shares and from the organization of large promotional events to enhance the global reputation of artists and their artworks.



– Huge challenge to promote themselves and their artworks  High dependency on intermediaries
– Difficulty to prove and track ownership of artwork
– No track records or follow-up of the artwork
– No resell rights
– Little interaction between artists and art lovers


– Major viral online and offline promotion
– Direct sales or better intermediary deals
– Clear and secure proof of ownership
– History of artwork sales securely available
– Possible resell rights for the life of the artwork
– Increased network with art lovers online and worldwide, receive financial support from Art lovers

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