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MANINGI mines ICO review and details

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The worlds first ICO based on real world business. Creating jobs one coin at a time. MANINGI MINES ICO rating – not rated.


Active ICO : 01/10/19 – 31/03/20

ICO rating

About MANINGI MINES ICO (token sale)

MANINGI mines ICO aim to be the leading mining operation in Africa and abroad. The startup has already 6 mining opportunities located in Africa and abroad. The mining will entail the following: Gold, copper, diamond, manganese, coal, and anthracite. MANINGI means plenty in Shona language, South Africa. The name is meant to elicit the feeling of plentiful in our mines that are able to sustain investors’ interest as well as help the community.

Our company is rooted in the strong belief of uplifting the livelihoods of people.

The slogan for MANINGI mines ICO is ‘Creating jobs one coin at a time’.

The locations will be prime locations that have high deposits potential.

Some of the leading producers of precious in the world are Russia, South Africa, China, countries in South America and parts of Europe.

In Africa, South Africa is one of the world’s leading locations for precious metals. Some of MANINGI mines ICO will be located in South Africa. Since the discovery of minerals and precious metals in the 1800s, the country has continued to benefit and grow economically contributing about 20% of the country’s GDP. The country’s reserves are estimated to be worth $2.5 trillion.

Product / Tokens

MANINGI mines ICO is targeting 6 mining opportunities located in Africa and abroad. All the mines will have different names but MANINGI will be the main one: One porthole for all.

MANINGI mines has created 6 physical coins that investors will hold: Gold, Copper, Manganese, anthracite, coal and diamond.

In addition, precious metals contribute significantly to the economies of many developing nations. For example, in Papua New Guinea 15% of GDP is contributed by gold mining while in Ghana it is 8%, Tanzania 6%. In Tanzania specifically, gold contributed 36% of all exports in the country making it an important pillar of the economy according to PwC.

The industry is in dire need of new business and economic models that will continue to sustain the sector. The major focus is on new exploration business models that will help ion new discoveries. Some of the methods being proposed to entail advanced analytics, geological models and a wide range of data searching tools.

Full ICO list

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