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Kuende Integrates Blockchain to Create a Gamified Hybrid Social Media Network with Real-Life Experiences


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Social experiences are everything. They determine our response to any given event at any given occasion. Blockchain startup Kuende is set to enhance these experiences through real-world gamification of challenges for meaningful social connections.

Everything is Connected

Fueled by a hybrid online-offline social network, and with features that match real-world digital socialization, Kuende is a tokenized, social economy for enriching human interaction. The project was born out of a desire to bridge the divide between our physical and digital existence and add value to them.

“There’s something wrong in today’s social media landscape and users are looking for a better alternative” says Pavel Antohe, Kuende’s CEO & founder. “A social media that shifts the focus from heavily filtered posts that highlight a false glamorous reality to real, genuine projections of our real lives.”

Social media networking has been one of the highlights of this generation, allowing users to instantly communicate and share experiences with the global community. Online, people can get together to share ideas, exchange information, air their opinions, narrate their experiences, and document their progress in life. However, there’s something wrong with this picture. Digital connections have become a substitute for real-life interactions, punctuating dinner-time conversations and meetups with furtive glances at notification screens and quick jabs at the keypad.

Building A Healthier Social Environment

Various scientific studies by leading authorities have identified social inadequacy as the biggest social issue plaguing today’s youth. By connecting people sharing similar interests and gamifying their interactions, the founders of Kuende have set their sights on banishing the manifestations of social disorder into the history books. With a noninvasive and minimal direct advertising, the platform hopes to pioneer a business model that focuses more on creating healthy, real-life interactions based on community locations and business that can facilitate the challenges required to support these interactions.

Launched in 2015 and backed by private investment worth $2.6M, Kuende has grown into a social media hotspot with more than 54,000 organic users and over 20,000 mobile app installation – all without a single investment in marketing the platform.

“We’re providing users with control over their data” Pavel added.

“They can share content with friends and families by choosing between different level of privacy, while making it easy to find new friends with common interests and engage in nearby activities. Our core mission is to transform social media into a positive force, powering a more connected, engaged, and inclusive society, by reaching out to Gen-Z and Millennials. We believe these generations are not only the most active social media users but also the most affected by the lack of real-life interactions with their peers.”

Kuende ICO Details

To facilitate the further development of its platform, Kuende has initiated a Token Generation Event (TGE) where contributors can exchange ETH for Kuende Tokens (KUE) at 1 KUE = $0.01. A total of supply of 3.56 billion KUE tokens will be minted for the event. 50% of this supply will be offered to the public during an exclusive private sale event from April 7, 2018 – May 31, 2018) and the public sale (date yet to be announced). 15% of the total token supply has been reserved for an incentivizing Community Pool and sustenance of the ecosystem.

Kuende has set the Soft Cap for the TGE at $2 million and Hard Cap at $17.8 million and will reserve.

Private Sale Structure and Requirement

Kuende will decide upon a favourable exchange rate for ETH/KUE after the private sale has ended due to market volatility. This rate will become the fixed reference point for the public sale.

Every contributor will have to undergo KYC procedures before participating in the event. Contributors will be rewarded with bonuses of up to 30%. These bonuses will be vested for 3 months before being unlocked and made available for use on the platform

Chat on Telegram: http://t.me/kuende
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