InVar Finance Builds InVaria2222 as the Team Looks to Provide Hybrid Finance Services admin January 30, 2022

InVar Finance Builds InVaria2222 as the Team Looks to Provide Hybrid Finance Services

PRESS RELEASE. InVar Finance has recently built InVaria2222, the RWA tokenization world, which is currently in its first stage. InVar intends to create hybrid financial services by bridging the crypto sector with the real economy, such as TradFi with DeFi and RWA tokenization, which pertains to real-world assets. It all began in the RWA tokenization world when InVaria2222 leveraged traditional real estate investment to provide transparency, accessibility with low frictions, and higher composability.

What’s there to know?

The team cultivates strong relationships with regulators, real estate developers, and critical strategic financial institutions to foster the new paradigm of RWA investment innovation and broader crypto adoption.

Regarding the potential of RWA tokenization, the real estate industry alone can generate significant funds flown into the crypto space. Moreover, with a global real estate market worth over a whopping $300 trillion, tokenizing just 1% of the market would triple the current cryptocurrency market cap. It is also worth noting that real estate is only a subset of the RWA sector.

As previously mentioned, the decentralized economy must integrate with the real economy to successfully and consistently increase user base and innovation. In general, various protocols and projects in the crypto industry depend solely on a single-revenue structure and often lack sustainability to successfully maintain user and token price growth, thereby exposing the fragility of the entire cryptocurrency market, which is also prone to extreme cases of volatility and unpredictable behaviour.

What can InVar do?

By possessing years of relevant experience in critical areas such as asset management, fund management, and investment strategy, InVar Finance’s team looks to lead the charge in the realm of hybrid finance to make the best of both worlds. To that end, the team will continue to develop strong relationships with regulators and leading corporations as they firmly believe the RWA will provide a solid foundation for the development of crypto applications while also accelerating hybrid finance innovation.

Having been inspired by Jacob’s (Zora Founder) concept of ‘Hyperstructure’ and many failure cases in the DeFi and stablecoin areas, InVar Finance realized that there was a clear need for both DeFi and the real economy to come together. Therefore, designing and constructing solid, trust-minimized HyFi infrastructure is critical to the self-sustaining ecosystem, which will eventually be run by code and reliable communities.

What about past accomplishments and future goals?

The most noteworthy achievement within this year for InVar would have to be the strategic partnerships established with leading real estate developers and property acquisition, as well as the InVaria2222 MVP launch. In addition, within the first half of 2022, the team presented the business plan and overall vision of InVar to regulators and established entities in Bahrain and Taiwan to move their goals forward. They have also established key relationships with leading crypto exchanges and several VCs over the last couple of months.

Regarding future goals, the main focus for this year will be on continuing to build the InVaria2222 RWA tokenized world. After creating the first RWA fractionalization model, the team researched and developed the iteration of the RWA model at the same time. They also want to expand these use cases; for example, RWA-backed NFT holders can use their NFT as collateral to borrow capital either through a crypto bank or a traditional one. Furthermore, DeFi protocols, DAOs and financial institutions can adopt InVar’s RWA model into their economic system and ecosystem, either as an asset management strategy or stable reserve.

Aside from ongoing product development and market operation, the InVar team continues to push forward to confirm the RWA tokenization framework and regulation with the Bahraini government and support PropTech development in the Gulf Area. InVaria2222 will build a new model to tokenize different types of RWAs with embedded flexibility and easy integration with other services. Presently, there is a preliminary consensus on the concept and roadmap of the project, and future collaboration may be possible.

About InVar Finance

The name ‘InVar’ is derived from invariable, which refers to determining financial services that should be consistent with the mission, a solid base layer beneath the protocol, and a steel-like token economic system.

InVar Finance believes that actual value capture is essential to a trust-minimized, vibrant economy, so acquiring ideal productive real-world assets and resources is the first step along with compliance preparation. Essentially, the goal is to positively impact the burgeoning crypto space by taking responsibility for financial innovation. In addition, InVar Finance is attempting to be a trustworthy hybrid finance symbol and platform.

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