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Indian Blockchain Council (IBC)- Consortium Formed to Boost Blockchain Ecosystem In India

A Consortium for Blockchain Incorporated In India With An Aim to boost the Blockchain Ecosystem in the country

A Blockchain syndicate termed as “IBC”, short for “Indian Blockchain Council” has been formed in India for imparting greater strength to the slowly building up technological eco-system in the country. Co-partnered by blockchain technology enthusiasts, IT companies and startups, the Indian Blockchain Council having its headquarter in New Delhi shall provide a peer-to-peer marketplace for all initiatives and interest regarding blockchain in India.

The IBC is actively looking for partnering up with Industry heavyweights such as IBM, NASSCOM, IDFC Bank, DCB Bank and In2IT Technologies. Such partnerhisps will help IBC in it’s drive towards enlighting Blockchain Technology in India

Chairman’s Speech

Mr. Vishal Nigam, the council chairman has revealed in a recent announcement that he wishes to bring upon a platform which will aid customers to engage in hassle-free arms-length transactions thus bridging the gap in between the sellers and buyers of the service offered. It shall also help in equalizing demand and supply and raise the level of awareness amongst business houses, regulators, developers and finally the society as a whole about the budding technological breakthroughs.

Nigam has enumerated the scenario beautifully by stating that, :

“It is a new technology, especially in India and all stakeholders indulged in cryptocurrency or blockchain related products and services require a platform to exchange not only products and services but ideas as well. There is also a need for a body to be a liaison between technology enterprises and the government and to safeguard their interests hence the creation of the council.” 

Charter Points

  • With CXO level officers, communities and enthusiasts across the globe forming a huge share of the organization’s audience, IBC shall foremost focus on what should be expected by the C-Level Executives while planning for this inescapable change.
  • IBC shall establish a fruitful partnership with the Indian Government for bringing upon an optimum solution which will help in building the blockchain eco-system.
  • IBC shall help propagate about the positivity of blockchain technology across the APAC and Indian Market by partnering with Smart Cities and helping them build a bigger and stronger eco-system for blockchain backed functionalities.
  • A platform shall be built by IBC over the Blockchain eco-system for imparting enhanced value-addition to the same.
  • Global conferences will be conducted by IBC for increasing the level of understanding of the audience regarding how the same can be implemented for bringing about proposed solutions.
  • The latest information in regards to Blockchain protocol shall be accumulated, decoded and circulated to understand how the technology has demonstrated itself by affecting business houses located both in India and abroad.

Principles Governing IBC

  • IBC, a non-profit entity shall operate on principles of decentralization.
  • IBC’s paid membership access shall be granted to blockchain society and national associations of participating countries via online registration.
  • IBC Association does not require a single management head and shall be ruled and managed by the joint efforts of Board of Directors belonging to regional associations, each representing a country or an organization.
  • Professional community members can become individual IBC members.
  • The IBC Treasurer shall be elected from the industry experts or well-known community members for fulfilling the transparency requirements.
  • The main area of focus of the IBC council shall be Smart Contracts, Supply Chain Solutions, Blockchain based KYC Solutions, Accelerator Programs and Fintech Solutions.

Mission Statement of IBC

  • IBC aspires to become the ultimate marketplace for all Blockchain regarding requirements by bringing together the talented brains behind its development and those in desperate need of such products or services.
  • IBC wishes to lay the foundation for Make in India and Startup India initiatives through its open source and decentralized platform.
  • Blockchain and decentralized ledger use cases of the industry, government and society as a whole will be the primary focus point of IBC.
  • IBC will try and create a blockchain eco-system for increasing the level of awareness about the same.
  • Events will be promoted and content shall be defined in regards to blockchain technology and decentralized ledgers to help the masses in getting an insight into its operations and the massive potential it holds.
  • IBC also wishes to organize the community of ideologists, experts and professionals and generate an Unified Distributed Community Database.

Supporting Initial Coin Offers

IBC is going to assist the Blockchain startups to build dapps and understand the token mechanism and how to utilize the same.

For more details, visit the official website: http://indianblockchaincouncil.org

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