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GLDS Bounty Campaign

GLDS Bounty Campaign
We invite you to participate in a bounty campaign. You, the participants, will receive rewards — stakes, for creating content, translating our official documents into your language and completing social media tasks. After the Bounty campaign ends, stakes will be converted into GLDS tokens.
Calculation formula:
(1.5% total amount of tokens sold / total stakes) * your stakes

Participants can track their progress and stakes earned in this spreadsheet
Total amount of tokens allocated for Bounty: 1.5% total amount of tokens sold

Bounty campaign duration: 10 February 2020 through 15 August 2020
The Bounty reward calculations will be competed between  20 August 2020 and 31 September 2020

GLDS ICO Bounty token allocation structure:

  • Blog/Media 30%
  • Translations 25%
  • Linkedin 5%
  • Facebook 5%
  • Twitter 5%
  • Telegram 5%
  • Medium 5%
  • Vkontakte 5%
  • Reddit 5%
  • Reserve 10%

More info about  GLDS tokens ICO Bounty by this link

Full ICO Bounty list

Source : ICO Now

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