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German Federation Delivers Warning Against Crypto Firm


The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) of Germany has recently decided to warn investors against a new crypto company called Platin Genesis DMC, offering tokens called PlatinCoin. The company offers crypto products which include a blockchain wallet and the token but it is not compliant with the regulation from Germany at all.

This company is based in Zug, in Switzerland, but it is operating under the brand PlatinCoin in the country.

BaFin made an official statement in which it said that investors from the country should avoid at all costs investing in this company and also always taking care when investing. According to them, citizens would need to verify all the ID details and the country in which the company was established before investing any money. Any company without a complete clear information about its ID should be ignored.

The German authority has been having a lot of work lately as it enforces compliance with its rules and regulations. The agency is looking to track all illegal companies acting in the country and finding ways to warn investors about them so that their wealth is not robbed by any scammer or that they lose it in plainly bad investments.

BaFin has certainly been very wary of the new crypto industry and the ICOs that are being made. It has been constantly warning investors against them and talking about their associated risks when you invest in Bitcoin or other cryptos.

Germany is one of the countries in Europe that takes the regulation of crypto assets more seriously and can be considered one of the leaders in this field. Its officials are making an effort to curb the illegal ICO market and to give people regulated options so that only illegality is curbed and not innovation as well.

During a recent G20 summit in Argentina, Germany paired with France, another pro-crypto country, to push for a wide Bitcoin regulatory framework and legislation for the G20 countries.

Source : ICOnow

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