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Express Transfer — Instant Deposit Feature

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Zebpay has a user base of more than a million and we are growing at a rapid speed. This is huge sign of your trust and appreciation for our efforts. With speedingly growing user-base, it becomes our utmost priority to provide you the best features and a seamless bitcoin exchange experience.

In one of the many other efforts, we have introduced express transfer feature. In the new release, Android 1.0.98 and iOS 1.0.54, through express transfer feature, you will get faster credit of funds in your Rs account after you make payment to Zebpay.

Express Transfer For Instant Deposit Of Funds

Why express transfer?

While depositing funds in your account via normal transfer, it becomes a tedious task to enter payment reference number. We then, match the reference number shared by you with those in our bank statement. The transaction is then confirmed and the order is finally processed, which is a time-taking process.

You can now use express transfer feature and experience the ease of depositing funds in your Rs account. From 24 hours processing time to just 2 hours. Express transfer provides each user with a dedicated bank account. It is a process of a few taps and done! No more creating support tickets and waiting for 24 hours processing time.

This feature enables us to process thousands of deposit transactions in a hassle free manner. We make sure you get faster access to funds in your Rs account and you can buy bitcoins at the rate you want. This is a major upgrade towards this direction.

How can I pay to my express account?

In express transfer feature, deposit order process is simplified by reducing the arduous task of checking transactions records. Every user is provided with a unique wallet account, similar to a bank account — Account name, number and IFSC code. You can then initiate the transaction to the express account from your verified bank account only via RTGS/NEFT or IMPS. After the order is placed, you are sure to receive funds in your Rs account within 2 hours.

When a user is provided with a unique bank account number, we are able to automatically track the payments made from each account with the user it was created for.

Please update your Zebpay application to the latest version for accessing the express transfer feature. You can check out the step-by-step description on using the feature here.

Please note:

  1. Express transfer deposit processing time is 2 hours.
  2. Minimum per day limit is Rs 21 and maximum per day limit is Rs 10,00,000. To know about complete transaction limits, click here
  3. Deposits will be refunded back if the limits are not met.
  4. You need to make payments from your verified bank account only, else the amount won’t be credited and will be refunded back.

Thank you all for your continued support and trust in Zebpay as your bitcoin buy and sell partner. We look forward to hearing about your experience on the ease of using the new feature. Do share your feedback and suggestions as we continue to work hard to bring the best cryptocurrency experience to India.

Source : Zebpay

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