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Expert Tips on How to Get Free BNB

Binance Coin, also known as BNB, has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, alongside other upcoming crypto altcoins. It is currently used by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, where investors can trade it for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other crypto that is accepted by the platform. When BNB was created, it started working on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC-20, but later, it began operating independently on the Binance blockchain.

The products surrounding BNB are enticing to all crypto enthusiasts, and for instance, one can earn free BNB in many ways. If you really want to know how to get free BNB, we have the right insights as given by experts.

How to Get Free BNB with a Crypto Wallet

As mentioned, the products around BNB are quite interesting. To entice investors to use products such as digital wallets, some wallet hosts have partnered with Binance to enable these clients to earn BNB free tokens.

So, if you are wondering how to get free BNB, look for a crypto wallet such as Trust Wallet, download the app, deposit your BNB, and start earning tokens at an agreed upon rate. You can then withdraw your BNB tokens or use them to buy from different stores.

How to Get Free BNB with a Savings Account

A crypto savings account allows investors to earn interest on their savings as passive income. For instance, all you need to save with YouHodler, one of the most reputable crypto savings platforms on the web, is to register with them and deposit Binance Coins.

Your investment in YouHodler will start to earn free BNB coins immediately at an agreed upon rate calculated using the annual percentage rate (APR). YouHodler is widely trusted, and you can even withdraw your interest after two weeks through their integrated exchange. So, you should not wonder how to get free BNB anymore as YouHodler has got you covered.

Claim Free BNB with Airdrops

Fortunately, you can still learn how to earn BNB for free with airdrops. As you know, airdropping has become very popular, and some platforms are looking for investors who can randomly send coins to various wallets to create awareness and get paid in return.

So, for those who do not know how to get free BNB, it starts with getting a Binance account and then moves on to registering for an airdrop program with a reliable platform. They will train you on how to go about the program while earning your BNB free coin. Just like in the other cases, you can then withdraw your tokens later.

Get Paid to Complete Some Tasks

You can still earn free BNB that you have not bought by completing tasks on various Binance-affiliated platforms. This is another way regarding how to earn Binance Coin for free, and it is very reliable. The tasks are as easy as taking part in surveys, and your free BNB will be sent to your wallet when the tasks are completed successfully. So, the only thing you need is to create time for the tasks.


By now, you have four reliable ways for how to get free BNB according to experts. Take your time to see one that suits you best and give it a try. This could be your opportunity to become a big investor on the Binance platform and make a huge amount of BNB coins.

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