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ESPORTS.com: A Substantial Upgrade to eSports Industry

We live in an eSports world. Gaming today is bigger than ever. Mind-bending is the word that would best describe the impact eSports has on our lives today. Growth is evident, as the niche registers a monumental 100% growth rate in viewership, attention media-wise and economically lucrative.

The idea is simple: eSports is a vast reservoir of gaming fans streaming through gaming events. The most recent event is DotA2 International. DotA2 is not the biggest eSports rep but it’s safe to say it holds 3rd place right behind League of Legends and Counter-Strike. Just to give you a scale of the industry, DotA2 had an international prize pool of $25 million, of which 90% was raised through crowdfunding ($23 million).

It’s only natural that we see development ideas being championed to expand the eSports arena. Game developers are taking an interest in the growth in the arena. We can expect to see the world’s largest gaming companies tap into this. However, on the other hand, we have independent gamers who are looking to create an eSports gaming portal of their own liking. A team of gamers is working on developing a consumer based gaming portal that will offer high quality and meaningful experience to their gaming friends and fans.

The ESPORTS.com portal, ICO launched on 1st November 2017 at 1 pm CET enables gaming fans to share, curate, and enjoy cool content together, or even participate in and contribute to events. All users will be able to participate in creating content for education, entertainment, and statistics, by writing guides or producing videos. The reward for their work will be furnished using the platforms digital currency, ESPORTS Reward Token (ERT). By providing the best to their clients, ESPORTS will build an online community that produces engaging and exclusive content aimed at eSporting enthusiasts.

The company’s revenue stream consists of a four-tier offering including online eSports shop, licensed eSports betting, and all-exclusive eSports university. The long-term plan for ESPORTS.com is to create an independent backend that serves as the control center for all their activities and offers. To realize this, ESPORTS.com is working closely with Sports Book Cloud (SBC), a gold standard provider for BetRadar and represents one of the most up-to-date and best solutions on the market. Gaming is quickly becoming a spectator sport. For this reason, once the contribution goal of 20 million Euros has been reached, ESPORTS.com will open a physical eSports center in Berlin where players can be cultivated into pro players.

Source : BTCNews

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