Coinbase’s L2 Base Gears Up For Mainnet Launch, No Plans For Network Token admin January 30, 2022

Coinbase’s L2 Base Gears Up For Mainnet Launch, No Plans For Network Token

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  • Coinbase’s layer 2 network Base recently published its mainnet launch criteria. 
  • Base’s mainnet will go live after Optimism’s Bedrock upgrade, full audits, and demonstration of testnet stability. 
  • Since testnet, the network has attracted several builders from gaming, NFTs, and DeFi verticals. 
  • The L2 network confirmed that there are no plans to issue a network token for now. 

Coinbase’s layer 2 network Base is gearing up for its widely anticipated mainnet launch. The Base team published a roadmap titled “Path to Mainnet” earlier today that provided an insight into the network’s progress and upcoming milestones in the run-up to its mainnet launch. Coinbase also listed a series of objectives to be fulfilled before its L2 solution’s mainnet goes live later this year. 

Base Doesn’t Plan To Issue A Network Token

According to a blog post by Base, safety and security are the top priorities for the network as it gears up for its mainnet debut. The key milestones to the way to mainnet include the demonstration of testnet stability, Optimism’s successful upgrade of Bedrock, and the completion of reviews and audits. The completed milestones include the completion of the Regolith hardfork in testnet and the infrastructure review with Optimism’s team ahead of the Bedrock upgrade. 

The objective remains to increase economic freedom and opportunity around the world by onboarding the next million developers and billion users into the crypto economy. Contradictory to the speculation in the crypto community online, Base stated that there are no plans to issue a network token. 

Following Mainnet Genesis begins our Genesis Window — a focused, coordinated window for developers to deploy dapps on Base mainnet. During this window, we will be exclusively focusing on developers and providing support to ensure they are successful.”

Base team

Base revealed that it had attracted tremendous interest from the developer community and projects from several spaces. including Gaming, NFTs, Infrastructure, Developer Tooling, Wallets, Security, DeFi, Oracles, Analytics, Bridging, Payments, DAOs, and Social. Among the most exciting builders on Base are Blackbird, Parallel, Thirdweb, and OAK. The team behind the L2 network also launched a “Path to Base Mainnet NFT” that users can mint to commemorate this milestone. 

Source : Ethereum World News

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