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    BNB Chain User Activity Soars in Q2, Despite SEC Regulatory Pressure

    According to Messari’s new report, user activity climbed on BNB Chain in the year’s second quarter. Daily active address count went up by 26% as...

    Wormhole Set To Become Uniswap’s Official Bridge To BNB Chain

    Crypto bridge Wormhole has won the governance vote to become Uniswap’s designated bridge to BNB Chain. Wormhole beat fellow bridges Layerzero and deBridge to become...

    Uniswap Community Greenlights Launching DEX On BNB Chain: 0xPlasma Labs

    Summary: Over 6,000 Uniswap community members voted on the proposal from 0xPlasma Labs.Around 80% voted to launch the Ethereum-based decentralized exchange on BNB Chain.The 0xPlasma...
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