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Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Launches India’s First Blockchain Lab

Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd. (BIL), the leading financial education has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mumbai based DLT Labs on Tuesday for setting up India’s first ever state-of-the-art Block Chain Lab under the shield of an educational institute. This joint venture in between DLT Labs and BSE Institute shall aim at providing best in class knowledge driven education and training pertaining to the field of financial technology with utmost emphasis on BlockChain. This will bring students face to face with excellent opportunities for building a solid understanding of accounting, finance, analytic methods and business information systems.

Ambarish Datta, the CEO and MD of BIL was recently quoted as saying,

“We are confident that BIL and DLT Labs will be able to work very well together to create a platform to enable skilling and training of people in Block Chain technology. We firmly believe that the next big piece of disruptive financial technology will be based on Block Chain. It is our vision to facilitate immense developments in the field of fintech using Block Chain as a foundation for these future developments.” 

Students are increasingly seeking out ways to build up their professional acumen and apply new technologies for streamlining and innovating financial systems. BIL aspires to bridge this gap by helping students pen down their own success story which can turn into a reality once they start excavating the BlockChain plethora. Every BIL student can access this BlockChain Lab along with the online learning pupils having financial technology as a part of their curriculum. BIL’s module diversification is bound to get enhanced leaning on their collaboration with DLT Labs which can help the institute in barging into the premier tier of Indian financial technology learning centres.

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