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BitWorld ICO SCAM Red Flag: ICO SCAM ALERT, Plagiarism, ICO team


Red Flag for BitWorld ICO

  • White paper have been plagiarized

  • Photos of team members are taken from photo banks or from other sources by changing person names

  • The LinkedIn profile has been blocked

BitWorld ICO link https://bitw.exchange

Bit World ICO exchange is a cryptocurrency and CFD trading platform with unique features like semi decentralized system, full node client application, investing platform, team trading, lending and more.

BIW is a utility token of Bit World ICO for selecting supernodes, paying fees and some coming soon features, it can trade in our platform and have a POS/POW algorithm by holding BIW in your wallet you can receive daily reward and if you are a supernode and you have a full node client you can earn BIW for every transaction in our chain.

BIW token soft and hard cap is 5M$ / 20M$, we have 33000000 saleable tokens but ever we reach our hard-cap token sale we stop our sale and all remaining tokens transfer to our reward poll

Source : ICOnow

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