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BITHUMB added Waves and Chainlink tokens

bithumb crypto

South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Bithumb announced that Waves and ChainLink (LINK) tokens would be listed on the exchange sometime during the next week.

To celebrate WAVES and LINK listing, the exchange is going to run a 1% pay-back event.

Two blockchain tokens LINK and WAVES have seen a huge boost over the last 24 hours after the announcement. At the time of writing, WAVES is valued at $2.27, up 8.38%. It’s clear the Bithumb announcement has had some impact on WAVES, though some of this progression is no doubt down to the overall positive market trend that is sweeping the markets at present.

On the other hand, at the time of writing LINK is valued at $0.329, up a stunning 18.30%. LINK has seen a bigger climb as a result of this and therefore, we can see that the LINK community are indeed excited about being able to trade on Bithumb.

Earlier this month, Bithumb resumed new users registration that was put on hold July 31 due to maintenance and necessary improvements. However, local media reported the real reason was disagreement with the partnering bank after the platform was hacked and over $30 million were stolen.

Source : ICOnow

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