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AIODEX BOUNTY CAMPAIGN. Bounty campaign reward pool – 10 000 ADX


Bounty campaign reward pool – 10 000 ADX tokens,worth 40 ETH will be distributed through this bounty campaign

Total Supply 50,000 ADX

Bounty campaign lasts for 30 days

YouTube – 30%
Content – 30%
Twitter – 15%
Facebook – 15%
Telegram – 10%


Have more than 501 friends – 3 ADX/week
Have more than 2501 friends: 5 ADX/week
Have more than 4501 friends: 10 ADX/week

Every participant must follow Aiodex Facebook Page
Facebook accounts must have a minimum of 501 friends
Participants have to like/share 5 posts per week (maximum 1 share/day)
Participants must use #Aiodex #ADX #DeFi #Crypto hashtags in every share or post

How to join
Join Telegram Group – https://t.me/aiodexofficial
Join Telegram Channel – https://t.me/aiodex
Fill out the form – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScTLi7QNDxs4hwsoz7kcPHf2CnStkSaIR3anGdg50P6gwEgFg/viewform

More info about  AIODEX Bounty by this link

Full ICO, IEO and DeFi Bounty list

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Source : ICO Now

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