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5 Bitcoin movies you must watch

Bitcoin documentaries

The concept of bitcoin has been evolving since 2009. Be that as it may, if you are still naïve to the development or rather skeptic about how it works, there’s nothing better than a good old documentary to address all your questions and fascinate you.

This comprehensive list of bitcoin documentaries will educate you with the cryptocurrency and help you to associate with it better.

In no particular order, are the following top 5 documentaries for you to acquaint yourself with bitcoin:

1. I am Satoshi

There has been a lot of discussion around this documentary. From being titled an “eye-opener” to winning an award for the “Most Creative Video” at the Blockchain awards, this is a must-watch for someone who needs an insight into the world of bitcoin. The documentary strongly distinguishes the traditional banking system from the cryptocurrency suggesting solid reasons to use the latter. This documentary will surely change your perspective and give you an in depth insight into the world of Bitcoin.

I am Satoshi

2. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

(Source: CoinDesk)

As the title suggests, this documentary takes us through the course of the evolution of bitcoin. It’s a journey through the various controversies addressed during bitcoin’s birth and stages following it, to what it has become presently. To understand and decipher the documentary doesn’t require you being a bitcoin expert, or even a beginner. It’s pretty easy for a novice to understand, as it is scripted jargon-free. This particular documentary is famous for evoking some sort of passion amongst non-bitcoin users towards using bitcoins.


The rise and rise of bitcoin

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/movie/the-rise-and-rise-of-bitcoin/id907604787?l=en&r=

3. The End of Money as We Know It

(Source: CoinTelegraph)

This documentary takes us through the journey of money — from its ancient origins to the Wall Street era. It raises some important questions pertaining to both monetary systems and really makes us wonder things we have been doing unquestioningly. The documentary has been previously described as a ‘game-changer’ — and is also suited for the likings of common people, as it is free of jargons and explains a topic as complex as bitcoins in a very subtle manner. You can watch the full version of ‘The End Of Money as We Know It’ on Vimeo.

Trailer & Buy:

The end of money as we know it

4. Bitcoin in Uganda

Through this short yet touching documentary, we get an insight into how bitcoin has made money transfer simpler and cheaper and how it affects thousands in a developing nation like Uganda, where majority of the families survive on income earned by their migrant family. The title, “Empowering People” is associated with it, which in mere 5 minutes portrays how much bitcoin has impacted the lives of these people.


Bitcoin in Uganda

5. Bitcoin in Argentina

Bitcoin in Argentina’ is a brilliant example of the role this currency can play in rescuing a trembling economy as that of Argentina. Not only will it assist in inflation control but also will provide a medium for the citizens to trade worldwide. The cryptocurrency has proved to be a major factor in improving the state of the people and their economy. Bitcoin is a life-saver in Argentina, as it affects the lives of the smallest of workers to the larger stakeholders — a gift of technology.

Bitcoin in Argentina

Wrapping Work

To an inquisitive mind — these documentaries are bound to make you ponder over a lot of concepts that were accepted worldwide until now, unquestioningly. It sure makes our mind review concepts such an economy, trade and inflation in a different light.

They answer a very discrete set of questions — ‘How much acceptance has this cryptocurrency received worldwide?’, ‘How easily it holds the capacity to make the unbanked, banked for’ or ‘how much criminal activity does it invite? ‘. It helps our mind draw a parallel between the traditional banking system and bitcoins.

Irrespective of whether you would like to invest in bitcoin or not, these documentaries are a must-watch to make yourselves aware, as this global phenomenon is here to stay.

Source : Zebpay

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